Wickenburg Community Hospital

Cardiopulmonary Services

Welcome! The Cardiopulmonary Department operates under the direction of a board certified cardiologist. Our department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A qualified respiratory therapist is available to assist patients in the ER, the inpatient acute wing, or on an outpatient basis. Respiratory therapy procedures include[…]

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Venous Insufficiency Program

Venous insufficiency equals bad valves. Valves in veins help fight against gravity and direct flow upward in legs.  Many factors increase pressure in veins and thus cause veins to dilate.  Eventually increased pressure and dilation will damage valves.  When valves fail, blood flows the wrong way which is called venous[…]

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Allergy Program

At least one in five Americans suffers from allergies. Contact your provider and learn more 928-668-1833.

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Infusion Center

Our goal is to provide Infusion Services locally so our patients don’t have to travel long distances.  The Infusion Center was made possible through the generousity of Alex and Jane Boyd. How does one become an infusion patient? The patient’s provider calls us to discuss the patient’s therapy that they would[…]

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Fitness Center & Gym

Operated by Wickenburg Community Hospital, the Fitness Center promotes personal wellness through a variety of services. Wellness can be achieved through responsible lifestyle choices, including  physical fitness and emotional, intellectual, and social well-being. We are committed to helping you develop a healthier lifestyle using these tools. Our technology-driven equipment supports you[…]

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