Matt Jones, FNP-C

Matt Jones, FNP-C

Family Medicine

Every aspect of medicine is fascinating and yet most important is the health and well being of each and every patient.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I provide continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and body systems. I received a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from the University of Phoenix and a Master Degree in Nursing from Northern Arizona University.  I’ve practice in all socioeconomic settings in the areas of medical-surgical, ICU, long term care, primary care, and community education.

Family Nurse Practitioner’s Role in Primary Care

With the growing complexity of health care and diminishing availability of primary care physicians, many patients are seeing family nurse practitioners for their primary care needs.

Nurse practitioners help patients manage acute and chronic illnesses. They conduct physical exams and perform diagnostic tests and procedures. Nurse practitioners in the family practice specialty diagnose and treat patients from childhood to adulthood.

Scope of Responsibilities

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have an advanced training. With the exception of surgery, nurse practitioners are allowed under state regulations to provide many of the same services performed by physicians. These services include diagnosing and treating health problems; performing prenatal, well-child, and adult care checkups; diagnosing and managing minor trauma, including suturing and splinting; prescribing medications; and teaching health promotion and disease prevention to patients.

Collaborative Care

Family nurse practitioners approach patients with an understanding of the value of collaborative, family-centered care.

In addition to the focus on family dynamics, nurse practitioners have referral and consultative relationships with other healthcare providers, such as physicians, pharmacists, and psychologists. Effective collaboration has proven to promote better communication, healthcare management, and positive health outcomes.

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