A huge thank you to Wickenburg Hospital Emergency Room

A huge thank you to Wickenburg Hospital Emergency Room

We have just retired to Congress, and just started using our Tricare Prime Insurance, and had to visit our local hospital for the very first time a few weeks ago. After rolling my ankle, falling down and unable to stand, our insurance advised us to go to Wickenburg Hospital Emergency Room on Sunday night. We have found ourselves to be so blessed to have access to this local hospital with an entire staff that was outstanding. We would like to thank them all for a wonderful experience with my sprained ankle and finding out it wasn’t broken. From the moment my husband parked the car across from the ER entrance their wonderful professionalism was felt, a nurse just getting off her shift, walking to her own car stopped to see if I was ok with my crutches, she instructed my husband where the wheel chairs were and what services could help me inside, and wished me the best. (She was off duty.) Then we were greeted by the ER staff who came out to our car after talking to my husband and wheeled me inside. We were treated by a wonderful, amazing, caring team; nurses, x-ray tech, admitting clerk and doctor. Again, it is such a blessing to have access to Wickenburg Hospital, and to know if we ever have a true emergency this is the hospital my husband and I would be blessed to be rushed to. Again, Thank you all for the service you provide to us, and for being a great community hospital.

Amelia and Tony Ramirez

North Ranch Community


*Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in the Wickenburg Sun

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