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Never let ’em see you sweat!

I remember being a little girl involved in cheerleading from about the age of five – you don’t really sweat that much when you’re little.  Once I became a teenager, I stopped wearing colored shirts as the sweat was to embarrassing and it limited what I did.  I stopped cheerleading[…]

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Occasional or chronic neck pain or headaches?

Do you suffer from occasional or chronic neck pain or headaches? Neck pain can be very debilitating, especially, if headaches are involved.  Although headaches can occur due to a variety of sources, your neck may be the cause. Neck pain can develop due to various reasons. Trauma- motor vehicle accidents,[…]

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Hospital’s general contractor builds big

By now, anyone who has been in the area of Wickenburg Community Hospital has seen WE O’Neil signs on the fences around two major construction projects. WE O’Neil  is the general contractor for the hospital’s new surgical/diagnostic center and a second medical office building. WE O’Neil was founded in 1925[…]

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Inpatient Rehabilitation – it was a turning point

I was admitted to the Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) emergency room on March 27, 2015 for an acute infection which ultimately resulted in a transfer to Del Webb Hospital for surgery.  I returned to WCH to recover in the swing bed program when Dr. Ball immediately recognized the need for[…]

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Singing Praises for Our Hospital and Rehabilitation

After four years have passed, and another broken hip because of neuropathy in both legs, I am once again writing to you to sing the praises of our own wonderful Wickenburg Hospital and Physical Therapy Rehab.  Last week I spent a very long day at the huge Core Center having[…]

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