Fatty Acids May Help Colon Cancer

Fatty Acids May Help Colon Cancer

Written by: Roger Rose, RPh; Director of Pharmacy Services

According to a recent study at Massachusetts General Hospital, colorectal cancer (CRC) patients who consume higher amounts of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), mainly from oily fish, may have better odds of survival. The researchers found that increasing intake of omega-3 PUFAs by at least 150 mg per day after a CRC diagnosis was associated with a 70 percent lower risk of dying from the disease, while a reduction in daily intake was associated with a 10 percent higher risk of death from the disease. Patients who consumed at least 300 mg of omega-3 PUFAs per day after their CRC diagnosis were 41 percent less likely to die of the disease than those who consumed less than 100 mg per day.

Lower risk of death from CRC was particularly strong for patients who were taller, relatively thin, and did not take aspirin regularly. For more information on professional quality nutritional supplements that are assayed for strength and purity, contact us today.


Read more: http://www.empr.com/news/omega-3-intake-after-colorectal-cancer-diagnosis-may-impact-survival/article/511339/


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