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Our Goal | Our Mission

Wickenburg Community Hospital is a non-profit organization owned and operated by its citizens. Established in 1926 and like the tenacious Western spirit that built Wickenburg, our rural Community Hospital and Clinics are committed to quality health and wellness services where the patient, family and community come first.

The Foundation received its non-profit status in 1993 to assist the hospital with the financial support necessary in meeting the healthcare needs of residents and visitors to Wickenburg and surrounding communities. Ultimately the Foundation’s mission is to generate ongoing philanthropic support to fund vitally important healthcare facilities, equipment, and wellness services for the hospital.

For more information please contact us | 928-668-1812 or at

Executive Board of Directors

Hunt Spear, Chairman

Bonnie Pollock, Vice-Chairman

Brenda Hershkowitz, Secretary/Treasurer


Alan Abare

Allan Benham

Bob Bassett

Brian Jones

Joan McDermott

Perry Hardy

Shawn Mallicoat

Emeritus Director

Rick Blakeley, PT

Jane Boyd

Marjorie Johnson


Dee Pollock, WCH Board Chairman

Jim Tavary, WCH President & CEO

Brenda Crissman, Foundation Executive Director