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Jim Tavary

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (928) 684-4360

Hospital veteran Jim Tavary joined the staff of the Wickenburg Community Hospital as CEO in September 2010 .  Tavary brought 35 years of hospital-related administrative experience to Wickenburg.

Jim spent ten years as the CEO of Copper Queen Community Hospital in Bisbee, AZ leaving in 1999 to spend the next 10 years heading up Prosser Memorial Hospital in Washington state.  In Bisbee, Tavary led the hospital to a Top 100 Medicare Hospital designation, signifying its superlative financial performance when compared to other rural hospitals in the region.  Similarly, Prosser Memorial Hospital was named the top performing hospital in Washington state three consecutive years; an honor related directly to its safe patient care environment.   Before joining the Wickenburg Community Hospital   in September, 2010, Jim spent another two years at Ripon Medical Center(RMC) in Wisconsin.   In 2009, RMC was named the number one hospital in the nation for Emergency Room customer satisfaction.  This honor was awarded by Press Ganey, a leading national hospital survey firm.

Tavary is married to Karen and they have a 22 year old daughter named Kina and an 8 year old son named Kruz. “My wife, son and I really wanted to go back to Arizona and get closer to the rest of our family and to be a part of the excitement of Wickenburg Community Hospital.”  Jim and Karen partnered to raise Jim’s older daughters Trica, Rachel and Amie and they, in total, have six beautiful grandchildren.  Jim and Karen share a love of horses, golfing and outdoor sports.