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Karen Lottis, FNP

Hospitalist, Womens Health

Within days of being born in Seattle, WA my parents moved to British Columbia (BC), where I was raised. During the first few years of my life I called a 136-foot ship home! My family then moved to a small island in BC, where I was taught to swim and operate a boat long before I learned how to ride a bike. BC was also the birthplace of my two children, Mark (31) and Erin (27). I obtained my nursing degree at Seattle Pacific University, working in Med-Surgical, Telemetry, Hospice, and Neonatal intensive care throughout the years. Excited about providing a holistic style of healthcare, I returned to the University of New Mexico where I received an MSN and a Family Nurse Practitioner certification and completed my doctoral studies in Nursing Science. Currently, I am defending my dissertation that is based on improving healthcare access to under-served communities. I have a passion for preventative medicine from a holistic framework, and believe strongly in a healthcare delivery system that offers high-quality care across the spectrum. It has been my good fortune to have traveled and lived throughout Central and Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, benefiting from diverse cultural experiences. I came to Wickenburg from Kauai, HI, where I taught nursing at Kauai Community College. The acceptance of a position at the Community Hospital Clinic, purchasing a home in Wickenburg and inviting my parents to visit in the winter, has all been wonderful experiences. The stunning beauty of the desert as well as the hospitality and generosity of this community have won my heart. Some of my favorite activities (when I don’t have my nose in a book or paper) are diving and kayaking.

Here is my favorite prayer: To be of the Earth is to know the restlessness of being a seedthe darkness of being planted; the struggle toward the lightthe joy of bursting and bearing fruit; the love of being food for someonethe scattering of your seeds; the decay of the seasons the mystery of death; and the miracle of birth – John Soos, Earth Prayers.