Pool of Dreams Announces Contest Winner

Pool of Dreams Announces Contest Winner

The citizens committee for the Pool of Dreams is pleased to announce local resident George Deavor as the winner of a full year’s membership at the Wickenburg Community Hospital Fitness Center.  Deavor along with many other community members participated in a contest to see who could come closest in guessing the amount of money in the water bottle.  For several months donation boxes around town have been accepting change, enough to fill an entire five-gallon water bottle weighing 164 lbs.  Finishing a head of the pack, Deavor’s guess came within $110 of the total amount of $1,632.

When asked how he did it, Deavor simply smiled and said, “I looked at the jar, weighed a pound of mixed coins, and did the math.”  Deavor admitted he didn’t trust his initial calculations so he held back $50 thinking he might have over-shot the total amount.

The Pool of Dreams committee is working to raise a portion of the estimated $2.5 million necessary to build a heated pool for the new fitness center.  According to organizer Dick Abbuhl the pool would be open to fitness center members as well as local swim teams, swimming lessons and much more.  It would be the only covered, heated, year-round pool within 40 miles, he said.  To make a tax-deductible donation toward the pool, contact Abbuhl at (602) 600-7706.


*Pictured is WCH President and CEO Jim Tavary and contest winner George Deavor.

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