Cardiopulmonary Services

Cardiopulmonary Services

Welcome! The Cardiopulmonary Department operates under the direction of a board certified cardiologist. Our department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A qualified respiratory therapist is available to assist patients in the ER, the inpatient acute wing, or on an outpatient basis.


Respiratory therapy procedures include breathing treatments, airway clearance treatments, ventilator management, non-invasive ventilation modalities, bronchial hygiene devices, cough assist devices, and more.

Diagnostic tests include echocardiograms, pulmonary functions tests, cardiac treadmill, ECG’s, blood gas testing, holter monitoring, and sleep studies.

**Now offering full-time Echocardiography services!**

We also have public education pertaining to the prevention and management of pulmonary diseases called Better Breathers Club. We also offer the CVS American Lung Smoking Cessation Program several times during the year. Come join us and quit smoking or practice quitting smoking!


cardio1Better Breathers Club
Second Thursday of every month
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm in the Hospital Activity Room

CVS American Lung Smoking Cessation Program
7 week course
Start dates vary throughout the year, call 928-684-4368


Cardio Team web 2016Meet your Cardiopulmonary Team!

Steve Bond
Armando Samaniego
Vangie Pomay-O

Call 928-684-4368 for more information.

Breathing…It’s always a good thing!