Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Thank you for supporting your local all-inclusive Rehabilitation Department! We are excited to offer high-quality, evidence-based physical, occupational, and speech therapy to meet the needs of Wickenburg, Bagdad, and surrounding communities.  Rehabilitation Services was made possible through the generosity of Alex and Jane Boyd.

What can you expect from our REHABILITATION TEAM?

  • A friendly, helpful environment
  • Knowledgeable, well-educated practitioners
  • ONE-ON-ONE Treatment Session
  • Support in making YOUR rehabilitation goals a REALITY

To make an appointment please call Wickenburg 928-684-5529 or Bagdad 928-633-6393


  1. Mike Bacon, PT
    Rehabilitation Services Manager
  2. Carli Gibson, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist
  3. Marisa Steadman, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist
  4. Melissa Anderson, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist

  1. Natalie Turnage, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist
  2. Richard Shields, MA, C.C.C.
    Speech Pathologist
  3. Ron Porter, OT
    Occupational Therapist

We work closely with the nursing staff to ensure that our patients get “back on their feet” again in the most safe and efficient manner possible.

What Is A “Swing Bed”?

Many people are unaware that we also offer rehabilitation for the acute and subacute inpatient setting! In fact, our “Swing Bed” program is designed to provide high-level rehabilitation services for individuals with rehabilitation needs that extend beyond an “acute” hospital stay (72 hours).

Some examples of people who qualify for our “Swing Bed” program include:

  • Post-surgical care (cardiac, joint, etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident-related injuries
  • Stroke or Brain injuries
  • Exacerbation of chronic conditions
  • Falls

What Is “Swing Bed” Care?

In many cases patients are not ready to return to typical living environment following a hospital stay. That’s when our swing bed program can help! We offer dynamic individualized medical care for those who need rehabilitation.

Who Should Come?

You can qualify for rehabilitation as a swing bed patient if you have spent three or more midnights as an acute in-patient in any hospital. Common reasons to utilize these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Stroke or Brain Injury
  • Injuries Related To Falls
  • Deconditioning Due To Illness

Who Pays For “Swing Bed” Care?

Medicare part A generally pays for “Swing Bed” care, as do Medicaid and many commercial insurance policies. Our admission staff is here to verify your benefits.

For more information call Meg Allred, RN, Case Manager at 928-684-5421

Physical therapists are highly trained professionals who specialize in human movement. The therapists here at Wickenburg Community Hospital are dedicated to providing rehabilitation needs associated with most movement-related conditions including:

  • Deconditioning related to a medical condition or hospital stay
  • Pre and post-surgical care
  • Balance training and fall intervention/prevention/treatment of injureis resulting from falls/trauma
  • Chronic and Acute joint and spinal pain
  • Neurological Rehabilitation following a stroke,brain injury,spinal cord injury,congenital disability,etc.
  • Women’s health
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Vertigo/Disequilibrium
  • Sport injuries and return to sport training with an emphasis on prevention of future injuries
  • Work-related injuries and return-to-work training

To make an appointment with one of our highly trained physical therapists please call:

Wickenburg Community Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Wickenburg 928-684-5529 or Bagdad 928-633-6393

Our occupational therapy services are a vital component of our comprehensive Rehabilitation program.  They include consultation, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals whose abilities to cope with the tasks of daily living are threatened or impaired. Intervention focuses on achieving independence in all aspects of life. Treatment identifies deficits that hinder function and make appropriate collections to enhance a person’s skills for the job of living.

To schedule an occupational therapy appointment, please call Wickenburg Community Hospital Rehabilitation Department at 928-684-5529.

Ron_Porter_OccupationalMeet Our Occupational Therapist

Ron Porter, OT

I’ve always enjoyed working closely with people and through occupational therapy, I get to do that almost every day.  It is rewarding to assist patients as they work through the challenges of regaining maximal independence and normalcy.

I earned my degree in Occupational Therapy from Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR in 1992. Areas of expertise include chronic neurological conditions, wrist and hand dysfunctions, functional electrical stimulation, and body mechanics.

I am a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Hobbies and interests include motorcycling, hiking, music, and mentorship.

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Individuals suffering from speech difficulties can often times feel embarrassed or frustrated. However many natural impediments, as well as many injury related speech difficulties, can be improved through speech therapy.

Our speech therapy service treats patients with communication and swallowing difficulties. Therapies assist patients in regaining verbal skills lost to injury or disease, as well as overcoming speech impediments such as lisping or stuttering.

To schedule a speech therapy appointment, please call WCH Physical Therapy Center at 928-684-5529.

Meet Our Speech Therapist Richard-Shields-MA-C.C.C

Richard Shields, MA,C.C.C. Speech Pathologist

He is a Speech, Language and Swallow Consultant. Born and raised in Brockway, PA., Richard received his undergraduate degree in Speech Therapy/Special Education from Edenboro University of Pennsylvania.

Shields completed his Graduate work in Speech Pathology with an emphasis in neurogenics. After a year of clinical fellowship in California, Shields owned and managed a private practice in Warren, Ohio for twenty years.

During that time he initiated Speech Patholgy Acute Care Services in three different hospitals. Since moving to Arizona in 2000, Richard Shields has served Wickenburg and surrounding area patients with Speech/Language and Swallow dysfunction.

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