Speech Therapy

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Individuals suffering from speech difficulties can often times feel embarrassed or frustrated. However many natural impediments, as well as many injury related speech difficulties, can be improved through speech therapy.

Our speech therapy service treats patients with communication and swallowing difficulties. Therapies assist patients in regaining verbal skills lost to injury or disease, as well as overcoming speech impediments such as lisping or stuttering.

To schedule a speech therapy appointment, please call WCH Physical Therapy Center at (928) 684-5529.

Meet Our Speech Therapist

Richard Shields, MA,C.C.C. Speech PathologistSpeech-Pathologist

He is a Speech, Language and Swallow Consultant. Born and raised in Brockway, PA., Richard received his undergraduate degree in Speech Therapy/Special Education from Edenboro University of Pennsylvania.

Shields completed his Graduate work in Speech Pathology with an emphasis in neurogenics. After a year of clinical fellowship in California, Shields owned and managed a private practice in Warren, Ohio for twenty years.

During that time he initiated Speech Patholgy Acute Care Services in three different hospitals. Since moving to Arizona in 2000, Richard Shields has served Wickenburg and surrounding area patients with Speech/Language and Swallow dysfunction.

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