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Support Groups | Educational Events

At Wickenburg Community Hospital we understand patients and their families need support.  We believe that talking and listening can help you and your families learn more about your condition and any challenges you may face.  Working together we can grow and heal.

Wickenburg Community Hospital offers the following support groups and educational opportunities:

Better Breathers Club

Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Hospital Activity Room

For more information please call 928-684-4368

Smoking Cessation Program

Please Call Steve Bond for more information 928-684-4368

Breast Cancer Survivors Support Group

Please call Joan McDermott for more information 928-684-5812

No-cost Educational Classes are offered regularly on current health, wellness, and nutrition topics.  Please visit our Facebook page for our most current event(s) or call 928-684-3219.

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