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Todd Kravetz, MD, Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

It was probably in high school when I first started thinking about a career in Medicine.   I am sure it had to do with the fact that my father is a Psychiatrist and my memory of being fascinated when he shared some of his interactions with patients.  Then I became involved with research at a hospital in Cincinnati and before I knew it, I was hooked on Medicine!   A specific field of study wasn’t initially apparent to me–I just knew that I wanted to go to medical school.

After four years at Miami University I received a BA in Zoology and then subsequently stayed another 3 years to obtain a MS in Zoology; spending a year of research with Lasers in Medicine.  By then I was primed for medical school and graduated from the Medical College of Ohio and then completed my residency in Internal Medicine at The University of Cincinnati.  

Over the past 15 years in private practice, I have treated everything from the common cold to multi-system organ failure patients in the ICU.  While I don’t have a “specialty” within Internal Medicine, the fact that I treat people with a range of illnesses is the basis of Primary Care and this is where I choose to be. Hearing a patient say, “Thank you” is a huge reward.

On a personal note, the two highlights of my life have been my marriage of 12 years to my wife and the birth of my son.  I can think of nothing more gratifying than walking in the door at home and having my son yells, “Daddy!” and then having him run into my arms with a big smile on his face.  Although my son is only 4 years old; he has already been to Arizona 13 times!  (Not to mention Hawaii twice).

And speaking of Arizona, I attended Phoenix Country Day School for a year.  That year was one of the most influential times in my life and I have always reflected upon it and thought how much I would like to  return to the southwest.  I had looked for opportunities over the past ten years, but nothing really fit my style of practice and personality…until I came upon Wickenburg Community Hospital.  It was like the perfect fit from the very beginning.  For the first time in a while, I feel as though I can make a difference.