Whooping Cough and What You Need to Know

Whooping Cough and What You Need to Know

There have been confirmed cases of whooping cough in Arizona. This respiratory infection begins in the nose and throat then can take a very serious turn. So what do you need to know?

According to WebMD, watch for these symptoms:

At first, whooping cough has the same symptoms as the average cold:

You may also have diarrhea early on.

After about 7-10 days, the cough turns into “coughing spells” that end with a whooping sound as the person tries to breathe in air.

Because the cough is dry and doesn’t produce mucus, these spells can last up to 1 minute. Sometimes it can cause your face to briefly turn red or purple.

Most people with whooping cough have coughing spells, but not everyone does.

Infants may not make the whooping sound or even cough, but they might gasp for air or try to catch their breath during these spells. Some may vomit.

If doctors can diagnose Whooping Cough early on, there are antibiotics that can help. However, these antibiotics are not as effective as the infection progresses. Vaccines such as DTAP and TDAP can help protect children and adults. Whooping cough is highly contagious.
If you are experiencing these symptoms or are interested in learning more about the vaccine, contact the Wickenburg Community Hospital Clinic.

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