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Hospital Services - Transitional Care

Transitional care helps ensure a safe return home.

Also referred to as swing bed, transitional care is a short-stay rehabilitation program where patients have 24-hour skilled nursing care with treatments and therapies customized to their injuries or illnesses. These valuable services are provided to aid the patient while they transition from an inpatient hospital stay to home. The consistent help patients receive equips them with the education they need to live independently, safely and with reduced risk of relapsing which may cause them to return to the hospital for additional care.

Patients benefit from:

  • Continuity of care from a skilled medical team
  • Short-term rehabilitation following surgery or injury
  • IV therapy services
  • On-site physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Recovery close to home

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Q & A

What can I expect in Transitional Care?

  • Nursing – provides recovery care, pain management and education.
  • Physical Therapy – provides injury rehabilitation and helps patients build strength to prevent falls and gain movement, balance and flexibility to resume activities.
  • Occupational Therapy – focuses on daily living skills that may include dressing and bathing.
  • Respiratory Therapy – provides respiratory care and education about oxygen use.
  • Nutrition Services – offers nutritional education and support.
  • Speech Therapy – helps with communication skills, reading and safe swallowing.
  • Pharmacy – works with medical team to meet medication needs.
  • Case Management – helps patients and families find additional resources for further education. Can also coordinate advance healthcare directives for patients.

Does insurance cover transitional care (swing bed) services?

Transitional care is usually paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most Medicare Advantage Plans. It may also be covered by some private insurances requiring prior authorization.

If using Medicare benefits, coverage is in full for up to 20 days, and up to 80 additional days (with co-payment), as long as Medicare criteria are met. Usually, Medicare supplements pay the deductible when Medicare continues coverage. Physician visits are billed to Medicare separately. Your physician and medical team continue to follow your care and progress throughout your swing bed stay to make sure you continue to qualify for coverage based on federal Medicare guidelines.

The length of stay is determined by a patient’s condition. Care could range from a few days to a few months. Patients are required to participate in daily therapies or rehabilitation care and must show that they are working toward set health goals.